Beauty Treatments

I provide high quality beauty treatments such as spray tans, nail treatments, and waxing, so you can look your best all year round. I have many years experience in the field of beauty and have completed courses in all specialist areas of my work, meaning you can be confident you are in the best hands. I have a home based beauty studio providing you with a professional yet friendly atmosphere.

Spray Tanning

As well as the knowledge and practical experience which is essential for providing professional spray tans I also believe the quality of the product you use is just as important, this is why I use Xen Tan. This particular tanning brand have won several beauty awards including the Elle Beauty ‘Best Ever Beauty Buys’ and Harpers Bazaar’s ‘Best Self-Tan’, so as you can see its quality is well publicised. With the sun causing lasting skin damage play it safe and get a great, natural looking tan while improving the health of your skin. This is why my Xen Spray Tans are so popular, because you can keep your skin healthy whilst also keeping that gorgeous, sunkissed glow all year round.

Nail Treatments – Manicures and Pedicures

For my nail treatments I offer Shellac CND which is a great product as it’s healthier for your nails than other methods such as acrylics. One of the main benefits of this product is that as well as being healthier for your nails like a gel the high quality, shine finish can last for anywhere between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. So, if you want Shellac CND nails get in touch with me today and we can discuss your needs.

Waxing Treatments

For most ladies hair removal is part of their regular beauty regime which can end up taking large portions of time out of your day as you work to get the perfectly smooth finish we all crave. With the waxing treatments I offer it only has to take a fraction of the time for longer lasting results. Even if waxing isn’t currently part of your beauty regime it is the perfect solution for hair removal in preparation for holidays, so you can put your feet up in the sun with no worries about unruly hair making an unwanted appearance. As well as the body waxing I offer facial hair waxing for removing any unwanted facial hair that can be hard to tackle on your own, so don’t feel daunted just get in touch today and I can discuss the options.

For any of the beauty treatments I offer simply give me a ring today on 07931 151 876 and we can get you booked in for looking fabulous.